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“Nisarg” (निसर्ग) in Sanskrit is Nature. As a Naturals company, we nurture the idea of developing nature inspired Natural alternatives. We manufacture Ayurvedic extracts, Standardized Botanical Extracts, Phytochemicals and Full spectrum extracts. We also offer customised extraction for customers looking for unique composition and or specific benefits. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with industry's leading technologies and stringent quality control process, has helped us deliver market driven innovations.

Health & Wellness

The key to Nisarg ‘s success is — scientifically standardising the ingredients for its pharmacological benefits. Our

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Commitment to specialized applications and technical service distinguishes Nisarg from other pharmaceutical suppliers.

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25 Nov, 2013 - Nisarg Biosciences launches Soapnut White for Cosmetic application | 02 Feb, 2014 - Nisarg Biosciences launches FenuSoftQ for Cosmetic application | 03 Jun, 2014 - Nisarg Biosciences launches Moringa Oil for Cosmetic application

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